INTERVIEW: ”Kilian Fischhuber & Anna Stöhr

Kilian Fischuber and Anna Stöhr, two influential person who made history on climbing alongside their success in World Cups. We had the chance to talk to them on climbing, while they are here to set the routes for the finals of the first long-running climbing competition of Turkey, La Sportiva Beta Masters League.

How was your first experience in Turkey?

Anna: This is my First time in Turkey and I really liked Istanbul. The food is so delicious and the climbing environment is very friendly. This has been a great experience for me.

Kilian: Compared to Anna, I have visited Turkey more. The first place I had visited was the world famous climbing area Geyikbayırı, in Antalya. And then, I’ve been to Bafa Gölü, the boulder heaven of Turkey, Izmir and the climbing areas around there, Also Datça and now Istanbul.

Kilian is climbing in Red Bull Turkey‘s event at Kaynaklar, 2017 İzmir/Turkey

What do you think about the potential of İstanbul on climbing?

Kilian: As Anna said before, there is a great mass of people who is interested in climbing. The potential is very high but Istanbul needs more and bigger climbing gyms.


Since you were a child you are climbing. What can you say about sports, climbing and education? Do you think that climbing had a great impact on your education?

Kilian: I’m not really sure about how climbing effected my education but it brings in a very important life to me which I enjoy so much. Frankly I think climbing is like an anchor of a ship as it is something that holds and connects the person to the life. It is the same for my education life too, I’ve never separated climbing from school and I focused on my education as much as climbing. I finished high school and I graduated from University but climbing, being in nature and exploring were always in my life.

Kilian Fischhuber at the Climbing World Championships 2018

Anna: It is the same for me, climbing is a part of my life and an anchor that keeps me in the moment. Even though my education lasted longer than it should have been because I travelled a lot for the World Cups, I always tried my best to balance them.

Anna, you think that there should be a balance between the climbing and the competitions as well as it should be on education and we know that you maintained this balance in the years when you’ve became a champion. Could you tell us how did you balance these two?

Anna: Rock climbing was as important as the competitions for me because it has a motivational impact and is more challenging than climbing indoors. In the year when I was the world champion, I only participated in 2 two competitions in the whole season. Hereby, I created time for rock climbing and I could have climb in the nature as I like. Of course it was the way I preferred it and everybody can find their own formula.

What do you think about the athletes of the new generation such as Janja Garnbret from Slovenia?

Anna: I think Janja is very talented and definitely on a whole different level. In every branch of the climbing discipline, especially, leader and boulder, there is no one above her. She is an athlete that everyone respects.

Kletterzentrum Climbing Center, Innsbruck

Which city was the most enjoyable for you to compete in?

Anna: Innsbruck undoubtedly because It’s the city where I was born, my friends and family can watch me and they can support me while I compete. Also, using bicycle to go to the competition area is very enjoyable. 

Killian: Innsbruck is the first place that comes to my mind too. If  your performance is very well and the city in which you were born and grow supports you the result will be completely different. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that competitions in other countries contributes my climbing.

Kilian and his friends are in Siberia

Kilian, you discovered a new place in Siberia and you and your friends climbed many routes for the first time there. Can you tell us about that trip?

Kilian: Actually that trip was my friend’s idea. He showed me some photographs from that area and we decided to go there to be the first people to climb in that area. To be the first athletes to climb in a region that nobody knows, feels very privileged. It was a rich experience.

Kilian Fischuber climbed ”Action Directe (9a)” in 2006

Kilian, you climbed many hard routes such as Golden Ticket, Pure Imagination or Capricorn. Do you have any plans on other sports climbing?

Kilian: I still climb hard routes but I don’t focus that kind of routes anymore. I have plans for discovering new areas, traveling and climbing more mostly.

2018 Climbing World Championship, Combined Format were tested in a Championship for the first time

Sports climbing will be held in the 2020 Olympics under the name of “Combined Format”. 3 disciplines will be evaluated on a single medal. What do you think about this subject? What awaits us for the future of sports climbing in the Olympics?

Anna: 2020, is the first year of sport climbing in the Olympics and we will watch together and see what will happen at the Olympics but combine format is not ideal. Of course it would makes us happy to have a separate medal in each discipline but current format is not like that. My guess is that all disciplines of sports climbing will be devoted to single medalist branches in the future.

Kilian: Of course, climbing becoming an Olympic sport will change some things. It seems that we will watch sports climbing in a different format in 2024 Paris Olympic Games. If you ask me, athletes need to pressure the federation. Using the right guidelines, in order to edit the combined format.

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